To expose fire & safety engineering students to new technologies and practical aspects associated with it, CIFSE is arranging practical and training programs apart from curriculum. CIFSE also arranges various technical visits at high risk places like Kanpur Airport,Mall like Z Square, Rave3 , etc. Students are exposed to all fire Equipments & Appliances, Smoke Heat & Fire Alarm Systems, Care and Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher, Testing & Installation of Fire Protection system etc.


  1. Fire Squad Drill, Parade & P.T.
  2. Fire Extinguishers Operation Maintenance and Construction.
  3. Fire Hose pipe drill (Dry & Wet).
  4. Hydrant drill (Dry & Wet).
  5. Pump & Pump Operation Drill.
  6. Fire tender drill (Dry, Wet & Mounting)
  7. Ladder drill (Climbing & crew with hose pipe line position)
  8. Fire casualty rescue operation drill.
  9. Fire salvages parade.
  10. First aid as medical bandage practical.
  11. Ambulance parade (Casualty stretcher loading & unloading)
  12. Conduction of practical seminars on Worker’s Health, Safety & Environment.
  13. Wearing and operational procedure of B.A. set.
  14. Fixed Fire Fighting Installation practical.
  15. Live fire demonstration (Solid, Liquid, and L.P.G. Gases & Metal Fire Fighting), etc.


  1. Smoke Heat & Fire Alarm Systems.
  2. A fire equipments & Appliances
  3. Care and Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher.
  4. Testing & Installation of Fire Protection system


Many job opportunities are available in just above every type of industries like as Airports Airlines, Oil Refineries, Railways, Merchant Navy, Chemical & Mechanical Industry, Five Star Hotel, Oil & Gas plant, Tourism, Steel Plant, Power & Irrigation Sector, Ocean, Space, Municipal Corporation, Govt. & Private Sectors etc.

Students investing their time in this emerging industry are creating a great career opportunity for themselves, in addition to getting a head start over job seekers in other fields.

Fire engineers and job openings in the Government Fire Service, Architectural and Building Design, Insurance Assessment Project Management, Aircraft Industry, Refiner Industrial Processing and in many where the possibility of fire or combustion represents a hazard with increasing urbanization, the use of electrical appliances, office automation, etc.

The increasing number of fire disasters in Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Industries other strategic places is causing tragic loss of precious lives and large scale destruction of property. This confirms the necessity for Fire Fighting Engineers.


Fire Engineering And Safety Engineering

  1. Fireman
  2. Leading Fireman
  3. Sub Officer
  4. Station Officer
  5. Divisional Fire Officer
  6. Dy. Chief Fire Officer
  7. Chief Fire Officer
  8. Safety (Worker)
  9. Safety Assistant
  10. Safety Dept.(Incharge)
  11. Safety Supervisor
  12. Safety Officer
  13. Safety Manager
  14. Safety Executive


Our students undergo Practical Attachment Training in the leading fire service, chemical complexes like Kanpur Fertilizers cement Ltd Panki, Panki Thermal Power stations like Kanpur, Small Arms Factory and Municipal Corporation fire training schools . During this training, students get real job experience by working along with fire service personnel and come to know the challenge in this task while attending the live fire fighting and rescue calls.

At Kanpur Fertilizers cement Ltd , students got experience of working at a major chemical complex and learnt complexities while managing the risk of hazardous, flammable and toxic chemicals. Our student’s attend fire and emergency calls of highly complex nature at this complex. At Panki Thermal Power station, students get experience of working at a major thermal power generating station and learnt the intercity while managing the risk of hazardous risk at such plants like coal, Hydrogen, high pressure equipment, high voltage electrical equipment. Our students attend fire and emergency calls hazardous substances at this station.

At Municipal Corporation Fire Training Schools of students get experience of working at fire service of major city and learnt how to overcome the problems like the management of mob / crowd while attending the public calls like house collapse, leak from road tank lorries, rescue from water tanks / wells. Our student’s attend fire and rescue calls of various natures during this attachment training.

Job prospectus for Fire, Safety and Environmental Engineers is very bright. Industrial statistics has put the upcoming Indian requirements of over one lakh personnel of Fire and Safety per year. Moreover, unlimited opportunities come from abroad, especially from the Gulf countries.