Environmental Engineering


Industries worldwide are trying to either eliminate the release of materials that can harm the public or damage the environment, or recover and recycle excess materials for environmental conservation. An environmental safety officer can help in regulating these processes. The officer should have extensive knowledge of environmental standards, laws and regulations.

Environment at problems exist in many countries and industries. Engineers may work in such diverse industries as Water Supply and Drainage, Irrigation, Mining, Power and Petrochemical and other Heavy Industries.

Demand for professionals in the area of industrial hygiene – the scientists, engineers, and others who grapple with a variety of workplace and community health issues Is rising, according to those working in the field. Their responsibilities can include a range of activities, such as cleaning up oil, chemical leaks, measuring air samples and designing safer manufacturing plants. Compensation for those in the field has been high, reflecting the increasing emphasis placed by government, industry and the public on improving the environment, according to a recently released surveys.